Aung San Suu Kye, the fallen angel !


Aung San Suu Kye, Birmanie, United Nations, Love, Wisdom, Muslims in the world,ASEAN, Malaysia, Nobel Price, Rohingyas The amnesiac icon, the callous politician! The Nobel price, Aung San Suu Kye the one that many admired helped out of the dark jails of the Burmese army. This one that the International Community helped enter the lights behaves since she returned to business as an amnesic deranged, a racist with soft skin that cannot be moved by the Muslims of her country being killed , lynched, deported. At least 10,000 Rohingyas fleeing the operations of the Burmese army have been refugees since last month in Bangladesh, according to the High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR). Ethnic cleansing in good order Meanwhile, Aung stepped out and dares not even talk about Rohingyas blaming the international community for stirring up divisions in her country. San Suu Kyi, like some icons, hides behind her selective denunciations, remarked an observer of the international scene. Indeed, Aung Suu Kyi admits half-word that these Muslims are not Burmese and if they were, they are actually terrorists.. Here is the funny excuse, the ugly morning of blood feint, of hideous racism carried by that one whose frail step at time of embers glittered with respect and admiration for a fight for the human. Alas, Aung San Suu Kyi behaves like a cold politician without soul or history. "We are demanding that the accession of Burma to ASEAN be reviewed," said Khairy Jamaluddin, Minister of Youth and Sports of Malaysia. This means that the Nobel Prize of 1991 is no more than the shadow of a beautiful moral and ethical decay!

The World needs Love

I was, on Thursday, June 14, 2012, at her press conference at the United Nations. That day she had just addressed the International Labor Conference. She would tell us that the world needs love to heal from her sufferings and get better. And it was she who thus defined love: "I would say that love is the act of giving more consideration to someone or to a population more than to oneself. If you can take care of someone or a few people even if it is for a little longer period that you do not take care of yourself, that is in my opinion love. It may take a long time or not, but love in every sense of the word is welcome in our present world. " How can one not have compassion and love for one's fellow men? Asked, later, Aung San Suu Kyi reminding politicians: "It is not because you are more intelligent than your fellow citizens that these people have chosen you but it is because you bring hope. Thus work in such a way this hope is realized and beyond. " To the soldiers who often tend to bully populations, Daw Suu Kyi hammers that a professional army in a rule of law is the one that protects people. (See ContinentPremier.Com of June 15, 2012). So dear Madam, I would like to remind you of your own words when today human beings in your Burma are being bullied just because they are Muslims! I compared you to Nelson Mandela. You are in no way Mandela. You don't even get him to ankles.   

It is obvious that if you do not change course, you will soon quickly be forgotten by the great human history written in golden letters as soaked in the ink of wisdom and true compassion, the one that anchored in faith and utmost truth of one and indivisible humanity.

El Hadji Gorgui Wade NDOYE-  Director of the Pan-African  online magazine ContinentPremier.Com. United Nations accredited journalist (GENEVA).

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